Shackleton-e1415106698866See over 100 photographs, diary excerpts, the James Caird lifeboat replica and an interactive sextant. Our exhibition captures the compelling spirit of Shackleton’s crew and their ship, the Endurance. Discover the truth behind the perilous beauty of the White Continent, the sinking of the ship, living on the ice, and treacherous journeys in this feat of survival.

Endurance Exhibition

Relive this incredible journey in Dún Laoghaire through over 150 photographs captured by the expedition’s photographer Frank Hurley, a full size replica of the James Caird lifeboat and much more.

Virtual Tour

Journey to Antarctica with Shackleton and his 28-man crew on our Virtual Tour. Learn about the icey conditions of Antarctica, life on board a ship at sea, and the various perils Shackleton’s crew faced on their perilous journey.

Leadership Skills

Focusing on 5 key characteristics of effective teams, our workshop explores the management, teamwork and problem solving skills that saw Shackleton’s Endurance expedition “Triumph against all odds”.

Our exhibition is situated in the heart of Dún Laoghaire harbour, Co. Dublin. Shackleton has historic ties to the area as his family emigrated to London in 1884 through Dún Laoghaire harbour when he was 10 years old. Visit our exhibition to see how Sir Ernest Shackleton was responsible for saving the lives of his crew in the face of impossible odds.


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