eirgridEirGrid plc is a leading Irish energy business, dedicated to the provision of transmission and market services for the benefit of electricity consumers. It is a state-owned commercial company.

EirGrid is committed to delivering high quality services to all customers, including generators, suppliers and consumers across the high voltage electricity system and via the efficient operation of the wholesale power market. It puts in place the grid infrastructure needed to support competition in energy, to promote economic growth, to facilitate more renewable energy, and to provide essential services.

EirGrid holds licences as independent electricity Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Market Operator (MO) in the wholesale trading system in Ireland, and is the owner of the System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI Ltd), the licenced TSO and market operator in Northern Ireland. The Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) is part of the EirGrid Group, and operates the Single Electricity Market on the island of Ireland.

In its role of TSO in Ireland, EirGrid operates and maintains a safe, secure, reliable, economical and efficient transmission system, as well as developing key infrastructural projects which are vital for the socio-economic development of the State. Current projects include the Grid Link project, the Grid West Project, the North South Interconnector and the Grid25 strategy. As TSO, EirGrid is regulated by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER).

SONI Ltd has the responsibility of ensuring the safe, secure and economic operation of the high voltage electricity system in Northern Ireland. It is regulated by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR).

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