The British Irish Chamber of Commerce has acknowledged the announcement of the planned resignation of the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP as Prime Minister and has called on the EU and UK to continue to constructively engage to resolve the issues relating to the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Chamber also acknowledges the appointment of Shailesh Vara MP as the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.


Reacting to the resignation speech , John McGrane, Director-General of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Chamber notes the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Today’s announcement comes at a time when issues regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol remain unaddressed and, as a result, continue to pose problems for businesses on both sides of the border.


“In this scenario, the Chamber and its members urge the next Prime Minister to collaborate with Ireland and the European Union to solve the challenging issues relating to Protocol and provide much needed clarity for businesses and communities across these Islands.


“Through a process of constructive engagement, the British Irish Chamber of Commerce believes that the new Prime Minister has the opportunity to establish a renewed positive relationship with his or her counterparts in Ireland and Europe and protect the valuable trading links between the UK and Ireland.


“In these challenging times, the Chamber remains committed to dialogue and we will continue to work with the leaders across Ireland and the UK to prioritise the needs of businesses employing and serving communities on both sides of the border.”