Stephen Mullin, Director at CPL
The response of our workforce to the new normal has been incredible. Within Cpl, our people have displayed resilience and flexibility in adapting to their new reality. From parents who are balancing childcare and working from home to others who have equally busy households, the adjustment has been admirable. This sort of adaptability doesn’t simply happen, however. There are many practical steps you can take to ensure you maintain productivity.
Here, are some of our learnings for managing a remote team and maintaining company culture while we are apart.
How to successfully manage a remote team:
  • Trust & communication – the most fundamental aspects of remote working are trust and communication. You must set clear goals and expectations, so team members are aware of their daily priorities. Moreover, there must be clear communication lines established so team members know they can contact you if they have an issue. Dropping to the desk is something of the past, so it’s important your team feel they can still reach out if needed.
  • Adequate equipment – Your team needs to have the correct hardware and software in place to enable them to do their job effectively. From laptops to desks, your staff need to be able to recreate an office space at home.
  • A good communication platform – Having a good communication tool in place such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Slack allows your team to stay engaged and create a more team dynamic. In Cpl, we have found Microsoft Teams has been an essential part of maintaining communication between teams and boosting morale. We also use it to communicate with external candidates and clients. We are also holding remote-in clinics if anyone needs any assistance on using the platform which has enabled our people to upskill.
Managing a team remotely and ensuring everyone stays on target is one thing. Maintaining company culture to keep everyone engaged and with a sense of purpose is another. Here are some of the ways in which you can boost morale amongst your remote team.
How to maintain company culture while working remotely:
  • Encourage social breaks – while we can no longer go to the canteen together for a coffee and a chat, we should still encourage our teams to have social interactions. We have introduced a virtual coffee chat which matches up different people from across our business for an informal chat. It has been an excellent way of getting to know people who we may never work with on a normal day to day. If your company doesn’t have a designated intranet or platform, a simple WhatsApp group can be just as effective.
  • Celebrate your team – it is important that your team not only feel supported but also recognised for their efforts while working from home. Share positive feedback from customers or across the business, good news stories, and reassurance about your business’ position.
  • Enable flexibility – allowing for more flexibility than usual is invaluable for some employees to work effectively while at home. Working parents or those with complex living situations might need to adjust their working hours to maintain productivity.  Again, regular communication with your team can help you identify any issues like this that need to be addressed.
Adopting some of these tools can help you and your teams stay more connected while we continue to navigate our new working reality.Cpl is a global provider of talent solutions who partner with organisations in every sector, from indigenous start-ups to global multinationals.If your business needs support in terms of hiring or anything else, please get in touch with