Director General John McGrane: “There is much to be worked out but it is good to see specific, constructive proposals being put on the table”.

16 August 2017 – The British Irish Chamber of Commerce has reacted to the UK Government’s position paper on Northern Ireland post-Brexit.

Speaking after the plans were published this morning, Director General of the British Irish Chamber, John McGrane said:

“The British Irish Chamber of Commerce welcomes the publication of today’s position paper on Northern Ireland.

“There are a lot of constructive proposals in this paper to be positive about and we especially welcome the UK’s commitment to borderless trade on the island of Ireland and the continuation of the Common Travel Area which will have huge benefits for the thousands of border workers who travel from one jurisdiction to the other on a daily basis.

“The continuation of free-flowing trade on the island is a key priority for the Chamber and we are happy to see suggestions put forward that will maintain this. However, as with the Customs Paper that was published yesterday there are definite challenges about the feasibility of what is being put forward. All sides will need to work hard to resolve these.

“Both sides of the negotiating process have stated the importance of protecting Northern Ireland and the peace process from any negative consequences that may be caused by Brexit. While the British Irish Chamber feels that there is still much to be worked out within these plans, it is good to see specific, constructive proposals being put on the table.”

The UK’s policy paper on Northern Ireland and Ireland can be read in full here.

The UK Government’s statement released alongside the paper can be read here.


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