Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Policy Committee

The SME Committee was set up to provide a forum for the small and medium-sized enterprises of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce.

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce Small and Medium Enterprise Committee is the focal point for SME businesses in the British Irish business space. The goals of the SME Committee are:

  1. To facilitate and encourage connectivity between both jurisdictions through creating opportunities and fostering dialogue.
  2. The removal of restrictive barriers and to make a pathway, ensuring more effective links with public and private agencies. 
  3. To change the mindset of SMEs in both jurisdictions on the ease of doing business in the other market.
  4. To ensure SME representation across all BICC committees
  5. To facilitate information exchange / events for SME members

The current Chair of the SME Committee is Aidan Scollard, Roberts Nathan

Committee Members:

  1. AIB
  2. Argosy Libraries
  3. Big Mountain Productions Ltd
  4. BrandCreate Ltd
  5. Hausfeld
  6. Hayes Solicitors
  7. Lockton
  8. Mullany Walsh Maxwell
  9. Quinlan & Co
  10. Roberts Nathan
  11. Ronan Daly Jermyn
  12. Sean Weafer international


To read the SME Policy Paper published on 3 September 2017, please click here.

To read the report from the recent SME Consultative Forum, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the SME Committee or if you would like to get involved in the Chamber’s SME activities, please contact   



To use the Online Tool at click here.  To read the full article by Niall de Buitlear of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation on the supports available to SMEs in Ireland and how to access them click here.