The British Irish Chamber of Commerce was launched at PWC’s Dublin offices in May 2011, during the historic visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland.    Assisted by the Irish Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Dublin, it was a timely initiative of inspired senior business leaders, who saw opportunity in the enhanced diplomatic environment, to inject momentum into the joint economic space within and across these islands.

A wider dimension recognises the geographic, cultural, social and historic ties that have bound neighbours together and the ever growing respect that benefits business and communities alike.


Core to the Chamber’s mission is a commitment to promote the interests of members in the combined business space.    By engaging with stakeholders in business, governments, political parties and like-minded trade organisations and the informed media, the Chamber is  THE focal point of British Irish business.


The Chamber’s ever growing membership is broadly based, from large multi-nationals, through manufacturing, logistics, financial services, tourism, food and agribusiness, the arts and small to medium enterprise, spanning the UK and Ireland.


This is a bi-lateral Chamber, engaging members from across two islands and five legislative bodies in meaningful dialogue with a common purpose.   We provide excellent networking events for members to find new suppliers and markets.   Sector driven policy committees enable competitors to jointly examine opportunities and threats and to think about collaborative growth in Europe and beyond.    The Chamber does much of its work away from the public eye where in camera debate and discussion is freer.


Representing: Influencing: Network: Supporting


To join the Chamber or if you would like more information please contact:

Yve O’Driscoll

Mobile: +353 (0) 86 041 1831