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The Irish Times, 15 September 2017
Businesses ‘not being listened to’ on Brexit

The Irish Independent, 15 September 2017
Higher Education underfunding ‘must be tackled to reap benefits of Brexit’ 

The Irish Independent, 14 September 2017
Warnings not enough: firms must fight for customs union

The Sunday Times, 10 September 2017
Former Unilever boss Niall FitzGerald dishes the dirt

The Irish Times, 8 September 2017
UK has adopted ‘reckless’ interpretation of Brexit result, Mandelson says

The Irish Independent, 3 September 2017
Warning pound weakness will ‘wipe out’ SMEs

Business & Finance, 23 August 2017
Brexit on agenda as British Irish Chamber meets NI secretary

Belfast Telegraph, 17 August 2017
Northern Ireland firms welcome Brexit policy paper’s plans for no return to border posts

The Irish Times, 15 August 2017
Brexit customs proposal a big ask, said Mairéad McGuinness

The Irish Independent, 15 August 2017
Post-Brexit customs deal ‘must be close to the status quo’

The Sunday Business Post, 25 June 2017
Belfast must prepare now to benefit from Brexit opportunities

The Irish Times, 15 June 2017
Brexit Back-Flipping, Ireland’s “Whittaker Moment” & Profit-Share for AIB Staff

The Irish Independent, 2 June 2017
Hard Brexit could lead to 20pc drop in the level of UK trade to Ireland within a decade 

BBC News, 31 May 2017
The hardest border 

The Irish Independent, 27 May 2017
EU stance ‘could push us to follow British out’ 

The Sunday Business Post, 7 May 2017
May’s brass-necked allegation of EU electoral interference is a grotesque move worthy of Trump 

Business Plus, May 2017
How to BrexitProof your Business in Three and a Half Steps 

The Sunday Business Post, 30 April 2017
A chamber of growth 

The Irish Independent, 26 April 2017
Ireland imports 90% of its oil and gas from UK – so energy must be near top of list of Brexit priorities 

The Irish Independent, 8 April 2017
Brexit report highlights border concerns

Irish Farmers Journal, 3oth March 2017
20 Minutes with Agri-Food Committee Chair Maree Gallagher 

The Irish Independent, 29 March 2017
There will be no return to the hard border’ – Theresa May’s letter to trigger Article 50 states she does not want Brexit to ‘harm’ Ireland 

The Times, 28 March 2017
Fears grow over impact of hard border 

The Irish Independent, 14 March 2017
We must work with UK on Brexit – €60bn and 400,000 jobs depend on it 

The Irish Independent, 24 February 2017
‘All-island’ agri-sector needs a post-Brexit free-trade agreement 

Al Jazeera, 26 January 2017
Will Brexit still mean Brexit? 

Newstalk, 17 January 2017
What are the border and economic implications of May’s ‘hard Brexit’ plans for Ireland? 

The Irish Times, 11 January 2017
Brexit: ‘Dublin being rubbished’ by cities competing for business 

The Irish Times, 11 January 2017
Like it or not, State must help UK get good deal on Brexit 

The Guardian, 3 January 2017
British-Irish trade network set up to offset Brexit impact 

OpenDemocracy, 14 December 2016
Brexit: Ireland stands to lose most 

The Irish Times, 6 October 2016
Niall FitzGerald calls for ‘strategic plan’ to address Brexit 

Belfast Telegraph, 30 August 2016
Why Dublin and the UK must maintain their links 

The Irish Independent, 25 August 2016
Despite Brexit, we must keep alive the friendly ties binding us to Britain 

The Irish Independent, 25 June 2016
Europe must recognise our special links with Britain