Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Committee

Objectives of the ICT Committee:

The objectives of the ICT Committee are to overcome, issues such as differences in incentives, taxation and policy which have the potential to hinder potential future growth of this sector, in furtherance of our goals as follows;

  1. To lay the foundations to make the British and Irish ICT space the most hospitable location for ICT investment in Europe.
  2. In the light of the ‘leave’ vote following on from the UK Referendum on EU Membership, to identify the key policy issues that are impacting and will continue to impact on the business of our members.
  3. To engage with the Chambers key stakeholders across the two islands from relevant agencies and government departments, regulators, consumers and industry at large, to advance the views of our committee members in influencing policy, improving markets and supply chains and assisting our members grow their business base.
  4. To improve the Chamber’s capacity to engage with the wider ICT sector.
  5. To advise the Chamber on the formulation of policy at an Irish, British and EU level.

The Chair of this Committee is Jeanne Kelly, LK Shields

The Committee Members are:

  1. AIB
  2. BNP Paribas
  3. BT Communications
  4. CurrencyFair
  5. Deloitte
  6. Dublin City University
  7. Eira Management Consulting
  8. Evros Technology Group
  9. Fragomen
  10. Instinctif Partners Ireland
  11. Invest Northern Ireland
  12. JPA Brenson Lawlor
  13. LK Shields Solicitors
  14. Vayu Limited T/A Vayu Energy
  15. Virgin Business


28th September 2017 – In a new ICT policy paper published today, the British Irish Chamber of Commerce has called for the Government to turn Brexit into an opportunity for Ireland’s tech sector by appointing a Technology Ambassador to represent the sector in Silicon Valley and developing a national ICT hub to drive innovation.

To maximise the limited benefits of Brexit for Ireland, the Chamber’s ICT Committee points towards the urgent need for Ireland to win the war for talent, drive entrepreneurism, incentivise investment, and support the sector’s growth capacity. 

The Irish ICT sector has played a critical role in fuelling employment growth in recent years with over 105,000 people working in the sector in Ireland today, a rose of 40% since 2010. Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docks’ is at the centre of that growth in activity and is now home to more than 1,200 start-ups and 250 global tech companies.   

The Chamber’s policy paper recommends that the Government:

  • Reduce the marginal rate of personal taxation:
  • Reform the Special Assignee Relief Programme by increasing the rate of relief from 30% to 40% and reducing the threshold from €75,000 to €65,000;
  • Introduce a reduced rate of Capital Gains Tax for entrepreneurs engaged in innovation activities;
  • Increase the investment limit of the Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE) from €100,000 to €250,000;
  • Appoint a Technology Ambassador to represent Ireland and the Irish tech sector in Silicon Valley;
  • Invest in a one-stop-shop National ICT Hub to be the nerve centre for the Irish ICT ecosystem.

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