Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism Committee (CAST)

The objectives of the Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism (CAST) Committee are to advance, support and promote the Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism sectors, for the mutual benefit of enterprises located in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain in furtherance of our goals as follows:

  1. In the light of the ‘leave’ vote following on from the UK Referendum on EU Membership, to identify the key policy issues that are impacting and will continue to impact on the sector.
  2. To engage with the Chambers key stakeholders across the two islands from relevant agencies and government departments, regulators, consumers and industry at large, to advance the views of our committee members in influencing policy, improving markets and supply chains and assisting our members grow their business base.
  3. To improve the Chamber’s capacity to engage with the CAST sectors.
  4. To advise the Chamber on the formulation of policy at an Irish, British and EU level.


The CAST Committee’s vision is to:
• Be the voice of the British and Irish CAST sectors focusing on matters with a key British Irish dimension, advocating on pivotal issues affecting the sector between the jurisdictions;
• Be the sector’s preferred member organisation for British Irish business networking, providing relevant initiatives, events and opportunities, to learn, engage with peers and develop future business.

The Chair of this Committee is Garry Kelleher, Tourism Ireland.

Committee Members:

  1. Oonagh Desire, Abbey Theatre
  2. Jane Kelly, Big Mountain Productions (SME Nominee)
  3. Sarah McGinn, daa
  4. Harald Klement, Intercontinental Dublin
  5. Cormac Downes, Irish Rail
  6. Rob Hartnett, Sports for Business 
  7. Susan Ahern
  8. Alan Smullen, The Doyle Collection
  9. Rosita Wolfe, The National Concert Hall
  10. Ailis Calahan, The Marker Hotel
  11. Garry Kelleher, Tourism Ireland

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