Chamber hosts ‘UK- Ireland Ports and Transit Forum’ in Cardiff

On Friday 6 July, the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and Mid Wales Chamber of Commerce welcomed stakeholders from the UK and Irish Ports and transit sectors to Cardiff for the ‘UK-Ireland Ports and Transit Forum’. Held in the Offices of the Associated British Ports, discussions focused on the potential implications of new ‘customs procedures’ which may be introduced as a consequence of the UK becoming a ‘third country’ outside of the European Union.

Whilst the Chamber continues to advocate for its Big Principles (a customs arrangement, with ongoing regulatory alignment; coupled with a comprehensive deal in services; with oversight from an international dispute resolution mechanism), the Forum nevertheless sought to discuss concerns and outline contingency plans in the event of the UK becoming ‘third country’ from an EU customs perspective on conclusion of the transitional/implementation period.

Nina Slevin, the Chamber’s UK Director explains; ‘It is essential that the Irish and UK ports and transit sectors prepare for every eventuality. By bringing together key stakeholders from these sectors, we are hoping to open up new lines of communications and develop best practices that ensure that the Brexit challenge is mitigated against as much as possible. While we continue to hope and advocate for the best outcome possible, we are simply being prudent by preparing a contingency’

The Forum also sought to provide practical solutions and increase communication between the relevant stakeholders in the UK and Ireland. These communications and exchanges will continue over the coming months at future UK- Ireland Ports and Transit Forums. Those interested in participating in future Forums are encouraged to contact the Chamber’s Head of Sectoral Policy, Paul Lynam, at  

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