British Irish Chamber of Commerce Reaction to Prime Minister May’s Speech on Brexit

Director General John McGrane: “Today’s speech provided some clarity and more work is needed if we are to achieve the best outcome.”

22 September 2017 – The British Irish Chamber of Commerce has reacted to the UK Prime Minister’s speech on Brexit which she delivered in Florence this afternoon.

Speaking after Theresa May made her address, Director General of the British Irish Chamber, John McGrane said:

“The British Irish Chamber of Commerce welcomes the further clarity the Prime Minister has provided on her Brexit intentions. Businesses across the islands will especially welcome the news that the UK is to seek an implementation period during which it will adhere to current EU rules. This is something the Chamber has long advocated and is critical if we are to avoid a disruption to UK-Ireland trade.

“Recognition of the need for an international dispute resolution mechanism and of the UK’s financial obligations to the EU is also to be welcomed. We hope that this pragmatism will be taken into the negotiations in the hope of achieving the progress that is necessary on the Article 50 process so that discussions can start on the future framework.

“While the UK’s aspiration to develop a close partnership with the EU post-Brexit is very positive, more detail is needed on how this will be achieved. A lot of hard work is going to be needed on all sides if we are to achieve the partnership vision that the Prime Minister has outlined. This is especially true if we are to have a frictionless border on the island Ireland.

“Maintaining regulatory equivalence will help in some degree to achieving this and it is still the Chamber’s belief that the best way of accomplishing this will be through a tailored customs arrangement between the EU and the UK.”




To see key points of Mrs May’s speech click here.

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